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Words From My Heart

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Author : Lynn Fleury
Publisher : Media House


“Poetry is plucking at the heartstrings, and making music with them,” writes Dennis Gabor. The poems titled ‘Words from the Heart’ truly exemplify this de nition as they depict the feelings pouring out of the young poet’s heart, upon looking at the world and life. The poet writes:

“Sometimes we need to let go; Sometimes we need to hold; Sometimes we need to think; Sometimes we need to understand; It depends on how we balance ourselves”

The attempt of the young poet to think, feel and understand is clearly visible in these poems. There is imagination, there is balanced emotion, there is description and there is thought. Above all, there is hope and positive aspiration in the poems of Lynn Fleury. They shine with a goodness of heart, sweet and musical. Rhyming comes natural to the poet, though sometimes it becomes a bit obsessive. Yet, the attempt is to retain the music of the heart expressed through words.

Dr. Joy Vazhayil

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Author Lynn Fleury
Publisher Media House

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