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Understanding your Teen

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Author : Jim Burns
Publisher : Pauline Publications


Understanding your Teen :Shaping their character facing their realities.... Moulding the Students/Teens is one of the biggest challenges Teachers/Parents face today. Pornography, YouTube videos, TV shows and movies, video games, and everything on the Internet has an influence on teens today, and much of it is not good. If anything is going to take down this generation of teenagers, it’s going to be poor media choices. Do you, teachers/parents, want to encourage the teens who are amazingly committed to making this world a better place, and uplift those who are simply feeling lost and overwhelmed by teaching our teens to make wise and discerning decisions about what influences them? This book will teach you to help the young to become Responsible Adults… By Learning the Developmental Stages of Adolescence. By Shaping Behaviour Without Crushing Character. By Creating a Media-Safe Home; By Teaching Healthy Sexuality. By helping them to Become Students of the Changing Culture. Understanding Your Teen also deals with the following, and much more: A Troubled Teen; Depression; Overweight and Obesity; Sexual Abuse; Drug and Alcohol Use and Abuse; Suicide…

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Author Jim Burns
Publisher Pauline Publications