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Saint Lawrence of Brindisi (Book 8 Advent Sermons)

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Author : Vernon Wagner OFM Cap
Publisher : Media House


This volume of ADVENT SERMONS is the third volume of the works of Saint Lawrence of Brindisi published in English. Although it is entitled Advent Sermons, that is a bit of a misnomer, as sermons for the four Sundays of Advent occupy only about one-half of the complete volume.Together with the sermons for Advent, the Latin editors have also included sermons for Christmas, the Circumcision of the Lord, the Epiphany, several Sundays following the Epiphany, and also sermons for the Sundays formerly known as Septuagesima, Sexagesima, and Quinquagesima. In addition there is a final sermon for the Monday after Easter! The volume actually consists of gleanings from three different manuscripts. Consequently, the volume is divided into Part One and Part Two plus an Appendix which contains additional homilies. As in the previous volume of Lenten Sermons, many of the sermons are followed by a second sermon or even a third or fourth sermon that often summarizes the main points of a preceding homily, but also adds new insights. The sermon for the First Sunday of Advent in the Appendix is of particular interest, as the author interprets the Gospel passage from four different points of view.

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Author Vernon Wagner OFM Cap
Publisher Media House