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Communalism Explained: A Graphic Account

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Author : Ram Puniyani & Sharad Sharma
Publisher : Media House


Communalism Explained: A Graphic Account – India has been suffering the rise of communal violence and terrorist violence from the last three decades. In this violence unimaginable number of innocents are killed. Religion’s moral values are bypassed and issues of religious identity are abused to whip up violence. There is an urgent need to talk about this in this open. This book is a broad overview of the phenomenon of communalism and terrorism, which has gripped the country and other parts of the World. It takes up the theme in a question-answer format and is enriched by the graphics, which supplement the text. The narrative begins with the demolition of Babri Mosque on 6th December 1992, goes on to the horrific violence, which followed the Babri demolition and tries to understand the forces, which instigate and sustain this violence. Ram Puniyani is associated with various secular initiatives and also has been part of various investigation reports on violation of human rights of minorities and of people’s tribunal which investigated the violation of rights of minorities. Has been conducting workshops in different parts of the country on the themes related to, threats to democracy; the agenda of communal politics, and politics of terror. Books: Second Assassination of Gandhi, Communal Politics: Facts Versus Myths, Fascism of Sangh Parivar, Terrorism: Perceptions and Reality etc. Is recipient of Indira Gandhi National Integration Award 2007 and National Communal harmony Award 2007. Sharad Sharma is a cartoonist and founder of World Comics Network, which promotes the use of Grassroots comics for the social change globally. He worked for TV news and print media for over a decade, before switching to development sector. He has extensive experience from over 600 workshops organized with a wide variety of organisations in India, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Laos, Benin, Brazil, UK, Finland, Sweden and Estonia. He has initiated many campaigns by evolving comics on issues like Girl Child Right, Local Governance and Corporal Punishment. He is author of several books and manuals. He was awarded a Ashoka Fellowship in 2005, Real Heroes Award-2008 and Kramaveer Award-2009.

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Author Ram Puniyani & Sharad Sharma
Publisher Media House

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