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Minority Rights In A Cosmopolotian World

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Author : Dr. Amit George
Publisher : Media House


Minority Rights In A Cosmopolotian World: It is trite that humanity is more inter-connected and inter-dependent today than it has ever been in any previous era in history. This newfound state of affairs has been generally seen as representative of an ever-increasing ‘cosmopolitan’ influence. The relevance of group rights in general, and minority rights in particular, in an age that is increasingly marked by cosmopolitan ethos is one of the great dilemmas of contemporary legal theory. Would increasing cosmopolitanism, in theory, mean the extinguishment of the justification for the protection and preservation of all forms of minority group membership, whether cultural, linguistic, religious, national or otherwise? The present book, while exploring the aforesaid issue in a broad legal and jurisprudential context, also examines the treatment of minority rights and group identities within the Indian Constitution and the contemporary legal sphere, and thereby aims at advancing an Indian perspective to the discourse on the subject while correspondingly reanalyzing the Indian approach to minority rights in light of this global debate.

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Author Dr. Amit George
Publisher Media House

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