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Light from Many Lamps - Stories to Live By (Vol 1)

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Author : Clare Ukken FSP
Publisher : Pauline Publications


Light from Many Lamps - Stories to Live By Vol 1. Foreword by Fr George Athaide (Former Secretary of ABE,Mumbai) - Stories have a universal appeal; they delight the hearts of the young, and the not-so-young as well, all the more so when they have valuable lessons to teach us. None of us can reach a stage in life when he or she can say “there is nothing more I can learn,” yes, we are students till our dying day. Our life can be compared to a garden with plants and flowers of every hue, shape and size. All are welcome; all delight our heart. In fact, a garden is a delightful place to be in and to enjoy precisely because of such variety.

This little volume you hold in your hands, Light from Many Lamps Stories with Values by Clare Ukken, fsp has a rainbow of qualities that are sure to enrich your life and make it more desirable . . . It presents a variety of values through interesting stories and suggestions for applying them to life.Here is a book that can— • be a resource for parents and teachers, • serve as a welcome gift to school-leaving students, teachers and students on various occasions, • be helpful for conducting school assemblies profitably, or • for reading at leisure for one’s own enjoyment and enrichment.

About the Author: Clare Ukkenfsp is a member of the large religious family of the Daughters of St Paul. Born in Kerala, India, she completed her secondary education in the native state, and later pursued her studies in Mumbai, Hyderabad and Kenya. She has authored several books for children, youth and adults, some of them gone into several reprints. Being part of an International Institute, Clare Ukken has travelled to all the continents minus one for the purpose of attending conferences, and has rendered her services in three African nations for nearly 20 years. While in India, she has served in administrative sectors in various capacities. At present she resides in Mumbai, and is engaged in the multi-faceted communication apostolate, particularly as part of the Editorial Team of Pauline Publications, India.

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Author Clare Ukken FSP
Publisher Pauline Publications

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