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John's Gospel of Communion

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Author : Julian L.Haas O.F.M. Cap.
Publisher : Media House


In this book, the author presents John’s Gospel of reunion or communion with the Living Triune God and the communion with all believers in ten chapters. Chapter one looks at John’s Gospel in its Early Christian Tradition. Chapter Two presents the theology of communion in Ecclesial Tradition with John Paul II’s Encyclical Letter, Ut unum sint, (That they may be one) and Pope Benedict XVI’s Encyclical Letter, Deus Caritas Est (God is Love). Chapter Three develops communion with the Living God in the Book of Signs (John 1:1-12:50) and the Book of Glory (Jn 13:1-21:25) in the Johannine Gospel. This communion opens the door for dialogue with the diverse Christian communities as well as with other religions. The author illustrates this dialogue in his conversation with Bhakta. Chapter Four investigate the meaning of the “I am” saying of Jesus in John’s Gospel. For the Gospel Listening Experience of the Gospel of John, the author proposes the following division: Chapter Five: John 1:1-2:25; Chapter Six: John 3:1-7:52; Chapter Seven: John 7:53-12:50; Chapter Eight: John 13:1-15:27; Chapter Nine: John 16:1-18:40; and Chapter Ten: John 19:1-21:25. The author uses four steps for the Gospel Listening Experience of John’s Gospel: Proclamation, Reflection, Formation/Actualization and Contemplation.

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Author Julian L.Haas O.F.M. Cap.
Publisher Media House

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