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How to be Happy in an Unhappy World

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Author : Marie Chapian
Publisher : Pauline Publications


We all want peace and contentment in our lives. We think if we can get one step higher on the ladder, lose those last ten pounds, or find that one perfect person, then Happiness will be ours for the taking. But even when we achieve these things, they don't guarantee lasting satisfaction. Why? Because they're all external and circumstantial. How to Be Happy in an Unhappy World unveils the secret to finding and maintaining true happiness-you. Based on solid principles and the most up-to-date scientific brain research, this book unlocks the door to freedom from depression, anxiety, frustration, and despair. It includes revealing self-discovery questions, short quizzes, and practical how-to lists that will enable you to discover an inner radiance and happiness that cannot be extinguished. If you're ready to feel true happiness that lasts through life's trials, this book has the answer. Marie Chapian is the New York Times bestselling author and co-author of more than thirty books, including Telling Yourself the Truth. Winner of numerous awards, including Campus Life's Best Book of the Year and the Gold Medallion Book Award, she holds a doctorate in counselling and an MFA in creative writing. She lives in southern California.

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Author Marie Chapian
Publisher Pauline Publications

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