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Hindutva's Second Coming

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Author : Subash Gatade
Publisher : Media House


It is a disturbing scenario when the biggest democracy in the world seems to have taken a ‘[Q]uantum Jump In Wrong Direction Since 2014’ (Amartya Sen) – prompting even the normally recent community of scientists to ask people to reject the politics which ‘[d]ivides us, creates tears and marginalises a large fraction of our society’ and remind them that “[D]iversity is our democracy’s greatest strength: discrimination and non-inclusivity strike at its very foundation”.

Whether there would be further normalisation of majoritiarism or ordinary people’s desire to live a more inclusive, egalitarian life and in a less topic world would ultimately triumph the designs of the hatemongers and secondly, whether free run being given to the crony capitalists and moneybags would be over and ideas of redistribution would make a comeback with vengeance.

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Author Subash Gatade
Publisher Media House

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