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Fear Not (English)

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Author : Michael Karimattam
Publisher : Media House


Fear is an emotion that drains all the energy as it affects and influences all the spheres of human life. The Bible says that sin is the first cause of fear and at the same there are fears that could be salvific. Fear helps one to avoid dangerous zones and to live with vigilance. Hence, it is a gift of the Holy Spirit. This shows that fear is itself is another good nor bad and we need to know whom to fear and what to fear. Here, discernment is needed. It is often said that in the Bible, God repeats the word “Fear not” 365 times, which means one a day. Of course it is not to be taken literally, but seen as an emphasis on the promise God’s constant help. From the numerous incidents from the Old and New Testaments, 32 are selected and presented in this book. This book is not a scientific study of bible passages but is an attempt to point out their practical implications and application concrete life situations of the reader. It is our earnest hope that these promises and reflections will help those who are in despair to find confidence and those who are afraid, courage.

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Author Michael Karimattam
Publisher Media House

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