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About Anthony de Mello
Anthony “Tony” de Mello was an Indian Jesuit priest. He was a writer and public speaker known for his
unconventional approach to the priesthood. In 1972, he founded the Institute of Pastoral Counselling, which
was later renamed the Sadhana Institute of Counselling. Father De Mello published his first book Sadhana -
A way to God n 1978. Several more books on spirituality were published over the course of his life including
a Song of the Bird and One Minute Nonsense . Even after his sudden death in 1987 at age 55,
Father De Mello’s teachings continue to touch thousands of people.
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Call to Love - Meditations
Contact With God-Retreat Conferences
One Minute Nonsense
One Minute Wisdom
Sadhana: A way to God
The Prayer Of The Frog Vol. I
The Prayer Of The Frog Vol. II
The Song of the Bird
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The Happy Wanderer
Unencumbered by Baggage
We Heard The Bird Sing
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One Minute Nonsense
The Master in these tales is not a single person. He is a Hindu Guru, a Zen Rosh, a Taoist Sage, a Jewish Rabbi, a Christian Monk, a Sufi Mystic. He is Lao Tzu and Socrates, Buddha and Jesus, Zarathustra and Mohammed. His teaching is found in the 7th century B. C. and the 20th century A. D. His wisdom belongs to East and West alike. It will only take a minute to read each of the anecdotes that follow. You will probably find the Master's language baffling, exasperating, even downright meaningless. This, alas, is not an easy book! It was written, not to instruct, but to Awaken
The Prayer of the Frog I
Tony De Mello left this world so suddenly, three months before his fifty-sixth birthday. And now there is already a body of literature that is growing around him, a veritable golden legend, with testimonies from a variety of people scattered the world over. The Prayer of the Frog is part of that literature. What attracted so many to his person and ideas was precisely that he challenged everyone to question, to explore, to get out of prefabricated patterns of thought and behaviour, away from stereotypes, and to dare be one's true self—in fine, to seek an ever greater authenticity
Modern man mired in pre-found cultural change first wants to know who he is, what imprisons his soul, what stands in the way of spiritual progress. He wants to rediscover the God beyond all that has been identified through the years with the name of God: laws, norms, doctrines not made flesh, words estranged from life. That is why Tony de Mello said that "our violent spirituality has created problems for us" that "Jesus Christ has got a bad name because of what is said of Him from pulpits" and that "it is very difficult to recognize a saint because he looks like the rest
The Prayer of the Frog II
This posthumous publication contains stories from a variety of countries, cultures and religions.They belong to the spiritual heritage and popular humour of human race. The Prayer of the Frog is Tony’s parting gift to us, which will surely join the ranks of his other best-sellers. What attracted so many to his person and ideas was precisely that he challenged everyone to question, to explore,to get out of prefabricated patterns of thought and behaviour, and to dare be one's true self — in fine, to seek an ever-greater authenticity.
Unencumbered by Baggage
The author of the book, Father Carlos G. Valles, is well-known for his books on spirituality. Father Anthony de Mello directed several retreats for him. The last of these Renewals took place in April 1987. That extraordinary experience, together with all the rest of Tony’s varied activities, and, above all, his deep and rich personality, is set down in this book with insight, warmth, loyalty to his memory and clarity of exposition. This intimate spiritual biography will exposition. This intimate spiritual biography will be a help to preserve his memory and multiply its fruit.
We heard the bird sing
This book is a collection of reports from people who saw and heard Anthony de Mello. The compilers, Jesuit Fathers Aurel Brys and Joe Pulickal were students of his. The contributions are narratives of occasions with Tony that challenged the person, energized or opened a window to him/her. It may be an occasion that the person’s understanding was deepened, made to hear a bird sing or led to simple silence. These sharings may lead the reader to a similar expertise.
Call to love
The meditations in this book are not some new doctrines, but the memoirs of a mystic who has had the courage to see reality and therefore was full of compassion and love for all beings and all things, who "delighted in everything and in nothing". These are powerful meditations to help us break out of our prisons of conditionings, free us from our formulae which prevent us from seeing reality.
Contact with God
This is a posthumous publication: a transcript ofhis retreat conferences, which he himself carefully edited but never released. There is no answer to why he did not make them available; nor to what he would think of the present venture. The incontestable fact is that people of all sorts will be very happy to have these notes. The text is reproduced just as Tony left it; only a title has been provided, and some slips were corrected - though there was a suggestion favoring revision. From the Foreword by Parmananda Divarkar S.J.
Happy Wanderer
The book, which presents the personality of Anthony de Mello, is a tribute by his brother Bill De Mello. Contrary to what often happens,especially when there is a blood relationship, Bill de Mello seems to have managed to harmonically combine love with objectivity. The outcome is a book which is less a panegyric than a faithful portrait.
From the forward written by Joseph M. Feliu, S.J, editor of the book
One minute wisdom
It is a great mystery that though the human heart longs for Truth in which alone it finds liberation and delight, the first reaction of human beings to Truth is one of hostility and fear. So the Spiritual Teachers of humanity, like Buddha and Jesus, created a device to circumvent the opposition of their listeners: the story. This book will worm its way into your heart and break down barriers to the divine. Even if you read the stories only for entertainment there is no guarantee that an occasional story will not slip through your defenses and explode when you least expect it to.
The author writes: "I hear dozens of people complain that they do not know how to pray; that, in spite of all their efforts, they seem to make no progress in prayer; that they find prayer dull and frustrating.
“I hear many spiritual directors confess helplessness when it comes to teaching people how to pray. This always amazes me because I have found it relatively easy to help people to pray. I attribute it to some very simple theories that I follow in my own prayer life and in guiding others in the matter of prayer.”
Anthony de Mello’s last seminar was in Pune, May 20-25, 1987. An estimated 300 priests and nuns attended it. A few days later he travelled to the USA and passed away the night before a seminar. Swansong is a collection of Tony’s last seminar notes transcribed by his brother Bill deMello. It gives a day-by-day account of the six-day seminar that discussed subjects like meaning of mysticism, love, forgiveness and openness.
The song of the bird
“I have wandered freely in mystical traditions that are not Christian and not religious and have been profoundly influenced by them. It is to my Church, however, that I keep returning, for she is my spiritual home; and while I am acutely, sometimes embarrassingly, conscious of her limitations and narrowness, I also know that it is she who has formed me and made me what I am today. So it is to her that I gratefully dedicate this book.”
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