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Angels- Help from on High Stories and Prayers

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Author : Marianne Lorraine Trouve, FSP
Publisher : Pauline Publications


“Not only religious writers but also thinkers of all types have spent many hours pondering the angels.” Introduction For believers, angels are not ideas but persons and friends. In Angels Help from on High, the author helps us find out some interesting facts about the angels—who and what angels are, what Scripture says about them, how they help us, and how the Church prays to them and with them. The true stories of people who believe they have been helped by an angel, are testimonies that show us the many ways that angels, like good coaches, help us in tough situations. All we need to do is ask them! The book also provides a collection of prayers for their intercession. Angels Help from on High is indeed a wealth of information about the angels. Get to know them better and find, faithful, lasting friends in them! Marianne Lorraine Trouve, FSP, is a Daughter of St Paul and works as an editor at the sisters' publishing house, Pauline Books & Media, Boston, USA. She has a master's degree in theology from the University of Dayton, with a concentration in Marian studies (The Marian Research Institute at UD). She has also edited several books on Theology of the Body, including the new translation of Saint John Paul's talks that was done by Michael Waldstein. She is also very interested in Saint Thomas Aquinas and has been working her way through the Summa for several years now, one article at a time.

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Author Marianne Lorraine Trouve, FSP
Publisher Pauline Publications

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