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No More Silence

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The book, No More Silence: Countering Sexual Harassment and Violence against Women; is a call to the Indian women to break their culture of silence ; against sexual harassment and violence. It offers a large volume of information on the legal framework of the country that seeks to protect women from sexual harassment and violence. Besides the various Constitutional and legislative provisions, the book also discusses the role of Indian judiciary, which has come to be identified as a strong institution, in asserting and protecting the human rights of women. It narrates how the law against sexual harassment evolved after judicial efforts and direction. The book examines the various forms of sexual harassment against women in a male dominated society and offers remedial measures to address the same. The work also exposes the various causes which lead to the 'culture of silence; particularly among women and the author argues that it is this 'culture of silence' that perpetuates violence against women. In order to eliminate sexual harassment and violence against women, it is high time that every person, particularly women, break their silence and rise to the occasion by knowing the law of the land and activating the same. In short, it is hoped that this book will be a true guide, assisting employers, women employees, activists, academicians and anyone interested in the empowerment of women to engage even more effectively in the important task of countering sexual harassment and violence against women.

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