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Artists Of India (English)

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Author : Goldie & Shivani Kasturia
Publisher : 24by7Publishinng.com


‘Artists of India-Modern & Contemporary Art’, the book caters to the need of artists in making and art research students for a knowledgeable reading and as reference material. The book discusses Modern and Contemporary art evolved over the years and also artworks of 55 eminent and acclaimed contemporary artists spread across pan India; and their lives journey regarding their perception of art, their achievements and contribution to rich cultural art heritage of our country. From Realism to Impressionism, from Expressionism to Surrealism and more, artists are always in search of the styles that best define their sensibilities. The book also traces the evolution of innovative trends and concepts briefly as they developed and transformed in the work of representative contemporary Indian artists. The works of some of the artists throw light upon the everyday banalities of peoples that society has not homogenised. For some, the concentration is on urban, and for some, it is rural, for some it is about a certain section of the society or the action or the condition which the world might ignore. Few of the artists’ works are but absolute representations of photographs, some tell stories through their works, and some are a mirror to the society and make us aware of the realities. Some artists with blot and smudges capture the beauty of nature, some enthral us by the landscape and some shows the energy and brute strength of animals. Some of the women artists of the book explore a wide range of themes, from identity and memory to history and contemporary culture and struggle in patriarchal society. The idea is just to create an impression of what the artist wants to convey, and this fairly explored in the book.

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Author Goldie & Shivani Kasturia
Publisher 24by7Publishinng.com

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