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Call to Love - Meditations

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Author : Fr Anthony De Mello, SJ
Publisher : Gujarat Sahitya Prakash (GSP) 


The meditations in this volume are not some new doctrines, but the memoirs of a mystic who has had the courage to see reality and therefore was full of compassion and love for all beings and all things, who "delighted in everything and in nothing". In a sense they were autobiographical: they portray the painful route by which Tony was led in the last years of his life to divest himself of all belief systems, ideologies, formulae and attachments to come to life, to love, to freedom, to be alone. Tony begins each meditation with a Scripture text. Some may object that the texts are used merely as pegs to hang his ideas. True, Tony does not give an exegesis of the text; these reflections are the very personal meditations of a mystic, for whom the ultimate goal of a person is freedom from everything, a state where one "delights in everything and in nothing', where one loves unconditionally. He draws out the deeper, personal insights of these texts beyond all exegesis. These are powerful meditations to help us break out of our prisons of conditionings, free us from our formulae which prevent us from seeings reality. These lead us to realize that in order to read Truth we do not need more doctrinal formulations, but a heart that divests itself of all its programmings, its self-interest - a heart that has nothing to ambition forth, and hence is fearless and free. From the Foreword by Joseph Mattam, S.J.

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Author Fr Anthony De Mello, SJ
Publisher Gujarat Sahitya Prakash (GSP) 

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