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About Us

Shop.ucanidnai.in is the online Christian bookstore project of Ucan India.

The project aims to provide Christian publishers and audio-visual producers in India with a common platform to showcase and sell their products so as to help them meet their mission.

It also aims to provide UCAN readers a facility to see and buy Christian literature online aiming to help them grow in faith and wisdom.,/p>

The project ultimately aims to harness the power of e-commerce and Internet for the development of UCAN readers and Christian publishers and producers in India.

shop.ucanindina.in is designed to become a online store for all Christian products in India.

UCAN, the Union of Catholic Asian News, is the most trusted independent Catholic news source in Asia, reporting news from, about or of interest to Asian Catholics.

UCAN has more than 200 commissioned or casual (stringers) writers and reporters. It has 65 full time staff and either offices or informal bureau in up to 20 Asian countries.

Through its core news service ucanews.com, UCAN provides a modern, independent and accurate news service from our team of nearly 200 reporters and photographers in 22 countries.