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When Life doesn't Make Sense

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Author : Leslie Haskin
Publisher : Pauline Publications


When Life doesn't Make Sense - Real Answers for Tough Times and Tough Questions More than often, peace seems impossible; comfort seems far away—pressed from all sides, we question—Why do things seem so out of control? . . . Why do I feel so lonely? . . . Is praying even worth it? . . . What do you want from me, Lord? . . . At such times we need more than simple answers—godly wisdom from someone who's been in our shoes. In When Life Doesn’t Make Sense, Leslie Haskin, a survivor of 9/11 attacks (World Trade Centre attack, 2001, USA), interweaves personal stories, biblical insights, and uplifting wisdom to address the above questions/situations and the like. Her experiences, her thoughts and reflections, portray her indomitable spirit and her compassionate heart, which will sure offer hope for those facing tough times and adverse situations in life. Her faith, fortitude and endurance will sure invite one to walk the journey of life as she does—with greater faith and confidence in God—the source of every grace and blessing. As you read When Life Doesn’t Make Sense, pause and reflect—embrace the answers you will find. Allow the whispers of the Spirit of God to transform your life. Leslie Haskin has become the voice of hope for many since her miraculous escape from the World Trade Centre on September 11, 2001. Today, Leslie is active in outreach ministry and is the founding director of Safe Hugs Ministries, an agency that helps women and children. She is the author of three previous books: Between Heaven and Ground Zero, Held, and God Has Not Forgotten About You. Leslie travels internationally, spreading a message of hope and overcoming, and has been featured on TV, Radio and other media outlets. She makes her home in upstate New York, USA.

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Author Leslie Haskin
Publisher Pauline Publications

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