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Thriving on Difference: Jesuits and their engagement with China

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The most successful engagement with China remains that achieved by a group of 17th and 18th Century Jesuits. They came to China to learn and make friends with the Chinese. They were missionaries who waited until they had established relationships with people before they were invited to share their faith. Matteo Ricci, Adam Schall von Bell and Giuseppe Castiglione - linguists, philosophers, astronomers and a painter - all developed strong relationships with key people in China and left a heritage of learning, science and art. They offer a pattern for engagement with China today. English commentary makes the series an invaluable contribution to our knowledge of successful and effective ways rich and different cultures can engage constructively. For our world today - riven with religious conflicts - these Jesuits have a message of exceptional importance: there is another and better way. They found it and this series tells their story. Produced by Kuangchi Program Service in association with television networks in China, these three biographical videos were first telecast in Chinese on networks in China. They have been revised and edited for release outside China by UCAN, a Catholic multimedia news and information service with offices across Asia and based in Bangkok.

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