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Hindutva: Savarkar Unmasked

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Author : Shamsul Islam
Publisher : Media House


This book is the outcome of a sincere urge to separate facts from myths and present facts as they unfolded in the history of India’s Freedom Struggle. In order to know the real Savarkar, author has mainly relied on original documents available in the archives of Hindu Mahasabha, the RSS, the Government of India and the memoirs of revolutionaries who were in the Cellular Jail with Savarkar. These documents, astonishingly, show that he not only kept aloof from the Freedom Movement but also openly helped the British war efforts during the World War II at a time when Subhash Chandra Bose was trying to liberate India militarily. Savarkar remained a diehard believer in Casteism, Racism and Imperialism throughout his life. He called it Hindutva. This book also evaluates the original 1923 edition of Hindutva authored by Savarkar so that all those who cherish a democratic-secular India are able to understand the gravity of ideas which originated to undo India.

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Author Shamsul Islam
Publisher Media House

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