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Ethics in Health Care

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Author : Fr Felix Podimattam OFM Cap,
Publisher : Media House


The vegetative state of a patient; the dilemma of a doctor as to whether withdraw a life supporting system or not. The hopeless case of a man whose condition is so debilitated that his treatment has reached a point of no return. The rationality of prolonging such a ‘lifeless’ life at the cost of several lives. There are umpteen occasion that warrant cessation of treatment - leading to death of human beings. Is one duty - bound to sustain a life strive for the purpose in life/Innumerable are such issues - and queries. The ordinary mortals are at sixes and sevens when faced with such perplex situations. Which road should one take? Which way should one walk? This book is an attempt to help one find the right path and make the right choice in the field of health care.

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