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Editing Today: Rules, Tools and Styles

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Author : Marydasan John
Publisher : Media House


In the last few decades, reporting and editing rules and styles have undergone a sea change. In the process, the sanctity of English language, religiously maintained by professionals in the field, too has been violated. Serious readers are shocked at the increasing number of mistakes in the print medium. Yet, there have not been many books focussing on this changing face of print medium. Not many from the field have come forward to bring out a practical guide to journalism students and beginners in the profession to help them learn the ropes. Students still depend on books written by veterans in the profession of a bygone era. On the other hand, books written by foreign authors have the apparent unfamiliar flavour with examples taken from foreign reports. Moreover, they are priced very high, making them almost unaffordable. This book, written by Marydasan John, Senior Assistant Editor in The Hindu, takes care of this vacuum. Its uniqueness is the hands-on approach with numerous examples taken from every day reporting and editing. This book is also meant for those who want to do a better story the next time they write or edit a piece. However, one doesn’t have to be a journalist to gain from it. Anyone who is interested in improving writing skills will find it greatly useful. It is a handy volume, with classic as well as contemporary examples on good/bad writing and healthy practices in 12 chapters, which makes lucid reading. It is all about good journalism and sound communication.

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Author Marydasan John
Publisher Media House