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Easter Murder

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Author : Ponmala
Publisher : Media House


“Easter Murder is a great read both as a crime thriller and a jolting peep into the dark side of Christian religious institutions. It is perhaps the first Church-oriented crime story in Indian English fiction. Centred round the murder of a priest in a Catholic seminary, Ponmala creates a fast-paced, compact narrative that holds readers’ attention. Beyond the dimensions of a crime story, Easter Murder delves, with startling realism, into the intrigues, rivalries and power struggles that plague contemporary Christianity which cast dark shadows on the liberating personality of Jesus himself, “ says novelist and literary critic Paul Zacharia. "Easter Murder is a fictional account of a horrifying murder, which may have borrowed from real-life incidents," said renowned columnist Father Paul Thelakat in his forward. Easter Murder exposes the chasm that exists between the language of some priests who feel injustice and violence against their collective consciousness and that of the so-called higher ups who apparently take decisions relying on divine authority, he said. According to him after reading the novel, "we will have completed an antiquated genre epic language of revelation of authority, which can make 4+4= 9, as we read in Orwell’s 1984..." "In Easter Murder, violence came into being after ritualistic violations. It led not only to a horrendous murder but also to the suicide of priesthood in the persons of a few priests…. …The seminary is primarily an idea, and it is this very idea of the seminary that the slaying of a saintly rector in Easter Murder calls into question," Father Thelakat says.

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Author Ponmala
Publisher Media House

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