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Dhyanamala: Reflection of a Nazrani

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Author : Abraham Variath
Publisher : Media House


Dhyanamala grapples with perennial questions and the universal quest for truth. It also draws liberally from the wisdom of the sages of ancient India, which is still relevant and valuable as guiding light. It is about what id Christ, or the Christ-reality. This reality for a disciple of Jesus is the 'consciousness of God in man and man in God'. The Nazrani, or a follower of Jesus the Nazarene, seeks to attain to moksha - complete liberation from the transient existence of limited, false or impure consciousness-in and through the life and teaching of his master, Jesus the Christ. Dhyanamala (a garland of reflections) can very well be 'a help and encouragement to all those who are in search of answers to their own questions about the meaning and purpose of life.' It presents the gospel as it appeals to an Indian mystic.

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Author Abraham Variath
Publisher Media House

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