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Attachment Intimacy & Celibacy

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Author : Ed. Tomy Tharayil
Publisher : St Paul's


Celibacy is it something that hinders human freedom or transports the person towards spiritual ecstasy? The media often portrays priestly and religious celibacy in a negative tone interpreting the positive renunciation of worldly pleasures as a denial of human potentialities. The aberrations found in the lives of some celibates do not give us sufficient ground to deny its value. As Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI said, "The poorer the age is in faith, the more frequent the falls". Celibacy is a state of life that has contributed to the richness of human existence in the richest possible way. Celibates also have internal struggles in their journey towards progressive integration of their lives

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Author Ed. Tomy Tharayil
Publisher St Paul's

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