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Classical Samkhya Ethics

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Author : Wincent. G. Furtado
Publisher : Media House


In this book the author investigates the Samkhya Karika of Isvarakrsn and tries to develop nuances of an Indian Philosophy of action and investigates the problematic of ethical action. He comes to the conclusion that the Samkhya ethics is esoterico-teleological in nature, founded on the fundamental presupposition of belief in Samsara. The Samkhya Ethic is oriented towards the perfection of human personality, the concept of perfection being defined in terms of liberation of Consciousness from the Materiality. The state of perfection has all the attributes of a genuine mystical state: when the discriminative knowledge dawns, the buddhi intuits the Spirit as "divine", a state totally divested of all that is profane, material, mundane and temporal.

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Author Wincent. G. Furtado
Publisher Media House

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