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A New Way of Living Lent

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Lent is the most important season of the liturgical year which calls for greater commitment in preparing oneself for Holy Week, when we celebrate the passion, death and resurrection. In A New Way of Living Lent the author offers resources to assist one’s entry into this wonderful season. It contains a simple daily reflection inspired by the liturgy of the day, a prayer guide and suggestion for practical action for each day of Lent. The daily meditation on the Gospel of the day challenges the reader to take an honest look at himself/ herself and make a sincere effort to live the Christian values proposed therein. The reflections are refreshingly new inviting the reader to a renewed experience of God’s love given to us in Christ, a love that each day, we in turn, must re-give to those who are most in need. This book is for any and everyone who wishes t live Lent in a new way.

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Author Clare Ukken FSP
Publisher Pauline Publications

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